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Frequent Ask Question (FAQ)

Can guest walk-in at kiosk?

Yes! Guest can select a date and room type at kiosk to check-in.


Can guest check-in with a reservation?

Yes! Guest can check-in with reservation from Agoda,, Airbnb, Expedia, Hotel Website and many more!


Can guest check-in a day use room?

Yes! Koeji Hotel Kiosk is the only hotel kiosk allow guest to check-in hourly room in Malaysia!


Does the kiosk issue key card?

Yes! Our kiosk will issue key card upon check-in. We will integrate our kiosk with your existing door lock system so you don't have to change anything to implement our kiosk!


Does the kiosk collect and return security deposit?

Yes! Koeji Hotel Kiosk is able to collect deposit upon check-in and return deposit to guest upon check-out.


Does the kiosk work with my hotel system?

At the moment, we are fully integrated with ABS Cloud PMS, Unisoft Cloud PMS and Softinn PMS. If you need us to integrate our kiosk with your hotel system please contact us for more information.


Is foreigner able to check-in?

Yes! Foreigner able to use passport to check-in through the kiosk.

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