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  • Check-In (Reservation)

    • Guest able to check-in booking from Agoda, Expedia, Airbnb and other OTA at kiosk.​

  • Check-In (Walk-In)

    • Guest able to select a date and room at kiosk to proceed check-in without reservation required.

  • Check-In (Hourly)

    • Guest able to check-in hourly room through the kiosk.

  • Early Check-In

    • Hotelier can charge early check-in charges for guest who want to check-in early at kiosk.



  • Check-Out

    • Guest can return key card and checkout at kiosk.

  • Early Check-Out

    • Guest able to check-out before the departure date at kiosk.

  • Late Check-Out

    • Hotel can charge guest who check-out late at kiosk.



  • Bank Card

    • Visa

    • MasterCard

    • MyDebit

  • eWallet

    • TnG

    • Grab Pay

    • Boost

    • Shopee Pay

    • Alipay

    • WeChat Pay

  • Cash

    • Accept RM1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100.

      • (Up to 500 notes)

    • Able to return charges 

      • RM1​ (Up to 500 notes)

      • RM10 (Up to 500 notes)

      • RM50 (Up to 500 notes)

    • Our cash module using bank ATM modules.

      • Not a mini Notes Recycler that can only hold less than 50 notes only for refund.

      • Easy maintenance pull all boxes out> top up banknotes > plug back in > done.

      • Not insert note 1 by 1!



  • Collect Deposit​

  • Refund Deposit

    • Our kiosk able to offset damage charges, outstanding balance & other charges using deposit. 

  • Tourism Tax

    • ​All the kiosks in the market cannot determine if the tourism tax was collected from OTA. This is a big problem that other providers cannot solve. The good news is that our kiosk can check if the tourism tax has been collected. If not, the kiosk will collect it from foreign guests during check-in.

  • Heritage Tax

  • Other Charges​​

  • English, Malay & Chinese Languages

  • Door Lock System Integration*

  • Hotel System Integration*


from RM29.90/day

The most affordable and complete

hotel kiosk solution in Malaysia.


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