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Client True Story

How WoCo Hotel Save RM90,000 per Year!

Mr Lim owned a 25 rooms hotel in Selangor, Malaysia and

he faced 3 major issues for a long time. 

woco hotel.jpeg

3 Main Issues

Image by Alexander Mils

High Operation Cost

Mr Lim's hotel have total 5 front-desk staff and cost him RM150,000 annually in wages

Lack of Staff

After Covid-19 hit Malaysia. Mr Lim find it really difficult to hire new staff that willing to stay for long term.

Image by Luke Chesser

Time Consuming

Mr Lim found out that he spent most of his time rehiring and training new staff instead of other more important task

This is what Mr Lim do
to solve his problems

from RM29.90/

the most affordable hotel kiosk in Malaysia.


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