The Future of Hotel

Koeji Hotel Kiosk provides a simple and cost effective way to automate your hotel

Modern & Beautiful

Not just an ordinary hotel kiosk. Koeji Hotel Kiosk crafted with sweat and heart by Koeji in-house team. One that doesn't look like an ATM or Parking Ticket Machine.


Simplicity and elegant. 

One That Just Works

Eliminate unnecessary expenses to fully automate your hotel and maximise the profit margin. Transforming hotel industry has never been simpler. 


One that able to handle every scenarios. From Early Check-In to Late Check-Out, Extending Room to Add-On services. 

Deposit, eWallet, Credit Card, Cash Payment? 


Features & Benefits

The Future Is Here


By Koeji, for Future

Kiosks can be seen in banks, airports, train stations and many more but when will the hotel industry keep up? Koeji Team are committed to delivering the best-in-class hotel kiosks. 

Plans & Pricing

A plan that fit your needs.

Is time to upgrade.

Koejitech provides multiple plans for our customer, Cashless or All-In-One. Both plans & models are super affordable. From 1/4 of the market price. 

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